European Championships Badminton Seniors 2024




We provide transport from and to Eindhoven Airport for everyone staying at Molenheide Park, the official accommodation partner for the European Senior Badminton Championships. If family comes with you, they will also be transported by bus to Molenheide Park.

If you are not staying in Molenheide Park, you will have to provide your own transport.

If you use the airport in Brussels/Zaventem, you can easily use the train van Brussels to Hasselt.

Please make your reservation request for airport transfer promptly, in order to minimize the waiting time for you at the airport. The ultimate deadline for reservation is 25 July 2024.

Please let us know asap via if there are any changes or updates. All transport lists will be displayed on the website, see ‘arrival list’ and ‘departure list’ below.

When I arrive at Brussels/Zaventem airport, how do I get to Molenheide Park?
Train passengers get off at Hasselt Station and then take bus 18A. This stops just 2 km from the park. Check here for more information

When I arrive at Brussels/Zaventem airport, how do I get to Hasselt?
There is a direct train available from Brussels/Zaventem airport that can transport you to Hasselt. The station is within walking distance of the hotels.

I arrive at Zaventem/Brussels airport. Will a bus come and pick us up if we spend the night in Molenheide Park?
No, you are only entitled to transport when you stay in Molenheide Park and arrive at Eindhoven airport.

My children and partner are coming along. Can they also go on the bus to Molenheide?
Everyone who spends the night in Molenheide Park is entitled to transport to the Molenheide park, including your family members or friends who are staying in the Molenheide park. When we drive to the Velodrome in Heusden-Zolder, badminton players always get priority. These must certainly be on time to play their matches.

Where can I park my car?

It is possible to park your car at the parking of the Velodrome. This parking is free of charge.


When you fill in the arrival form correctly you will be able to see your personal reservation on the arrival list (see ‘arrival list’ above). After submitting the arrival form you will receive a confirmation email. Upon arriving at the airport, find the person with a ‘Yonex’ logo in the airport arrivals hall. This person will hand you your accreditation and take you to the bus, which will take you to Molenheide Park.


Your accreditation will allow you to use the shuttle bus to the velodrome. The bus will run every one hour and 20 minutes. Please find the shuttle bus time schedule below. The shuttle bus will leave promptly, so be on time!


Departure lists will be made based on the information provided. Please check both the time and place of departure. If your name is on the departure list, your departure is guaranteed and there won’t be any further communication. If your name is not on the departure list, please contact

Departure times will only be adapted or altered in the event of exceptional circumstances.

We wish you a safe journey home.

The organising team